Sunday, May 20, 2012


The Crowd has crafted my success, molded my rhetoric, designed my ideas, and has led my life by inverse action. Primarily, it has allowed me to explore differently. It has granted me life, liberty, and happiness. It has granted me freedom. What the Crowd does is typically the opposite of what I do. Either that, or I join with the Crowd and satirically make fun of it. I am similar to Dominique Francon in the Fountainhead in certain respects. These truths I hold to be self-evident. Man was born free, but everywhere he is in chains. I thank the Crowd for showing me what those chains were. For indeed, seeing the world without chains is like hearing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed. It is exuberance, a new mentality. It is like seeing watching the new world order unfold post WWII, watching entire power schemes shift. It is not colossal, it is not an adjective. It is like historical events, for they happened in the past and they are significant, and will be remembered for their significance not named by adjectives. They will be cited—for example, how does one describe the value of diplomacy? The value of diplomacy is like the Camp-David Accords. No adjective can be assigned for the power is too great, the magnitude too large.
The Crowd has made me develop a great sense of humor, specifically satire. No one gets it but me, and that is why the sense of humor is so great, for there is no need for external confirmation, for conformity. It is just me laughing at a concept in ways that I want no one else to understand, for that is too risky…it risks security. Security of ideas, security of strength. When one tells a joke to oneself, he finds it funny, but telling it to another, you must adjust the joke, and telling a joke threatens the security of its inherent funniness. So, in a way, I have developed a crowd much larger than the Crowd, a crowd of ideas, mycorrhizae spinning off in wild directions with jokes only I understand, for that is the only way to be larger than the Crowd: it is through the largeness of creativity, of your own mycorrhizae.