Saturday, April 13, 2013

Claw of Integrity

            The claw of integrity. It is a claw for it is long it in its length and sharp in its efficacy though equally sharp in its pungency. It is what breaks the child and makes the man. The claw of integrity is what allows the ancestry of man to calimb forward and defend the individual from the colossi of the crowd. The claw of integrity is what pushes Man into Manhood, what cuts through the obstacles. Testosterone is harnessed, it is no longer squandered. Relationships are optimized not wasted. Professional relationships become multilayered and faceted, as it is only through integrity that one can see the multidimensional relationships one forms simply by engaging with people in professional settings. The line between professionalism and friend is not clear, not blurred, but jagged. It is jagged because it cuts off at certain points and is juxtaposed next to another straight line, facing in another direction. One must accept, as a premise within life, that relationships are not hard, they are complex. Relationships are not challenging, they are multifaceted.

One never hates an individual or loves an individual, but forms an evaluation of their character only through observing multiple characteristics or facets of their personality (no differentiation between definition of character and personality established). Once such an evaluation is established, the evaluation is multifaceted. 

An individual (only the rare few except this rule) cannot be quantified by a single dimension.

In a similar vein:
The mind has the capacity to see greatness in anyone, and the ability to hide or cover blemishes that the mind does not want to see.

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