Monday, April 8, 2013

Objectivism in Fountainhead

Ellsworth Toohey
            Toohey epitomizes the slimy sleazy, benevolent and sneaky nature of altruism. His character is built to distract if not minimize the importance of man and his accomplishments. Anything that man accomplishes is unimportant.
-          Selfishness or self-interest are both evil.
Howard Roark
            Roark is the epitome of Objectivism and is Rand’s philosophy brought into real life or one should say created into real life. He allows for Rand to fully develop her ideas on selfishness and egotism.
-          Selfishness is the only moral principle.
-          Charity is pinnacle of failure and emphasizes the weakness of man.
-          Man’s greatest achievement is the pursuit of his potential. It is the creation of his own future.
-          Capitalism is the only moral system.
-          Charity should be given in absence of a solution, or in other words as a solution to solve a problem
-          Keating is the opposite of roark. He is the societal definition of selfishness.
-          Competence is the only currency in the world.
-          Socialism is evil. Altruism is evil. It is a bond between a man and another man and creates an obligation to serve another’s needs. This creates inherent enslavement. It is as evil as it sounds. Altruism was invented by religion and labor unions to
The beauty of simplicity.
The beauty of confidence.
“deaf and impersonal like a wad of cotton” (160 fountainhead)

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