Saturday, April 13, 2013

Patience is a virtue. "Wei qi"

                North Korea walked in the door, and greeted its old friends. Itsat down at a table, cutely snuggled by the community of Communism. The Soviet Union stood at the northern topmost part of the table, abrasively placing both armson the top of the table asserting dominance. He was a dangerous man. Down below north kkorea sa China, looking surreptitiously weak. They were playing a game of texas hold em, and China claimed to be doing poorly, with few chips and aostensiblebad hand. It played the same way every game. It allowed one man to win and the other to lose. A slight sneer was etched in the corner of China’s mouth It waited, and waited….
                Beyond them in the opposite side of the room sat Europe, with Great Britain, the United States,and a basketful of other countries at the table, playing the same game. The USlooked Non chalant. The British looked over at China with mild interest, mild disgust. The time was the early to late 1800s. The basketful jumped around playfully with various goods in their hands. They looked at China wistfully.
And China waited.

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