Monday, April 8, 2013

Does a society lose something every time it gains something? - Emerson

When society gains something, does it also lose something? –emerson
Yes and no. it depends on what one determines as gaining. Gaining could be the gain of technology and the loss of more primitive forms of communication such as the stagecoach or mail by horseman. Gaining could be the gain of cars and the loss or decrease of initial typical ways of travel like traveling on foot. So society does gain something it also always loses something in the simplest of senses. To be investigated.
As society ages over time, its development increases. It becomes more intelligent as a domain of people are not only producing more goods, but are working with more intelligent tools which improve the output and in essence supply.
When a society expands, its resources are depleted unless large goods production is occurring. When a society gains a new tool or convenience, it loses what it has replaced. A stagecoach is lost and replaced by the car which in turn
The idea of society gaining something is not bad. It is good and it allows the society to progress continually forward. The idea of losing is for many a negative idea which people disagree with. But “losing” is good as it is a medium of measurement of value.

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